chronic cough symptoms

CHRONIC COUGH -- misc. notes



(This will be deleted in a few days -- Joseph Chesak)


COUGH -- misc. notes




2018-02-22 -- (TODAY) I have finished the Oxis Turbuhaler. I don't think it helped or hurt. So I don't think I need a new prescription. I do cough a bit every day, but I believe it is slowly diminishing each week.


2018-01-30 -- For about 10 days chronic coughing caused tenderness in my abdomen. The area felt smaller than a golf ball, located 2-3 cm to the right of my naval.


2017-?-?? -- Prescribed broad spectrum antibiotic (I think only 5 capsules)

After another respiratory infection the antibiotic again cured the main infection and helped the cough. The cough did not go away completely.


2017-08-23: Fever. Prescribed a antibiotic (20 ENPAC, Idoform classic plus keps).


2017-06-22: Another severe violent coughing incident, while travelling after a flight to the US and little sleep.


2017-06-19: Chest X-Ray showed clear lungs and normal heart size


2017-05-20: Severe coughing incident (had recently recoverd from a common cold)

I tried to catch two busses, and missed both, triggering my most violent coughing spasm. I was coughing violently and uncontrollably, nearly vomiting. At that point I thought it might be heart related. Intensive coughing continued for a couple days.


2017-02-21: Prescribed antibiotic -- cold ended but the coughing continued


2017-01-16: 2 week trip to India -- caught a bad cold -- coughing for weeks



The cough almost always originates from right side of the throat.

The mucous is white, not clear, and when I don't have a cold, it comes in small-sized cohesive balls that can be stretched or squished and go back to their shape.

I don't cough a lot at night. But if I am coughing in bed I try to not sleep on my back to avoid post-nasal drip, in case that is contributing.

*Poor sleep seems to correlate to more coughing in the daytime.





Driving in my car with normal air flow from vents triggers my cough.

After lunch and dinner I seem to cough for the next 40 minutes.

Sometimes there is no reason. I can be sitting quietly at my desk when it begins.





1. Is the mucous produce in the lungs, sinuses, elsewhere?

Knowing this would help me know what to do.

I think maybe it's from the sinuses, but I can't feel or see any post-nasal drip.

My nose and sinuses are almost always clear, even when I have a cold.

2. If it comes from my sinuses, why does it disturb my lungs? Shouln't it flow to the stomach?